About Bute & Co

About Bute & Co

Hey Butes! If you haven’t already visited Bute & Co, here’s a little bit about us … 

Cardiff, affectionally known as The City of Arcades, boasts seven unique arcades and we are super proud to be nestled into Dominions Arcade, smack bang in the heart of the city.  

Bute & Co pays homage to the historical coffee houses of the 18th century and the legendary Bute family synonymous with the history of Cardiff. The Marquess of Bute pioneered and built Cardiff Docks which spurred the growth to the city we know today - pretty cool aye? 

We offer a quirky array of sandwiches such as four-day cured salt beef, slaw and horseradish mayo – we call that our “Newport Deli” and ham boiled in Coca-Cola, with pickled red cabbage the “Coke Zero”. We also offer a host of different coffees, a 100% Welsh tea selection as well as a variety of locally sourced cakes. 

As well as supporting local businesses, we are passionate about having a positive impact on our planet and therefore committed to minimising waste and plastic pollution wherever possible. All Bute & Co takeaway cups, lids, boxes and straws are made from Vegware, a material made from plants using renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials, and designed to be commercially compostable with food waste.